[Addin] HTML Source Editor For Outlook 2010

HTML Source Editor for Outlook 2010
HTML Source Editor for Outlook 2010 can be used to edit both new messages and received messages as well.

Create a new message and look for the "Edit HTML Source" Ribbon,
The Ribbon (Toolbar) looks like this:

To edit the html source of the message just click the "Edit HTML" button,
A new window will appear:

The HTML inside that window is the original source of your message.
Now you can change it to anything you want for example:

And to Set the Message source just click the "Set Source" Button.

The "Get Source" button should be used in case you want to return to the original message html before you set it to the new html code.
The "Save" Button allow you to save the html into a file.

More Features:
"View as Text":
Allow you to see the body (content) of the message in plane text, with no formats , useful when the data at the message should be moved into a 3rd application.

In case you want to see it using your default text editor (notepad for example), just select the "External Text Editor" at the setting panel and the text will be opened with your preferred editor.

"Add Word Version":
Will add an attachment (word 2003 .doc file) that contain the exact message, very useful to maintain the look of the original message (in case the Email Client at the other side will remove images or formats or maybe even links inside the message.

"Add RTF Version":
Will do exactly what "Add Word Version" do but with RTF format, for those who can't read Word documents.

"View in Browser":
Open the message with your default browser.
Enable you to know exactly how you recipients will see the message in their web client.

"View with Word":
Open the message in Word Editor.
Enable you to save it to a file.

You can get the Addin here
(use the Coupon Code "halfprice" for 50% off) 

Android Dev for VB slackers

If you are reading this page then i can assume you are probably looking for the idle dev environment for your mobile needs.

This one will be about Android Development (as the title implies)

here are your starter options:

the easiest, AppInventor :
while searching for an easy way to create my first droid app, i've stumble this great idea, straight from Google.

it is made of 3 parts :
  • The Gui designer, simple web interface with all the objects needs to create a decent app.
    Design the GUI
  • The Blocks Editor, this is the part where "code is draw".

Edit you Logic
  • The Emulator

All you need to do is to design your logic, no syntax, no language..

downsides: Not so flexible, missing some functionality, output package with a very large file size.

in favor: No previous skills required, amazing learning curve, great for students.

The Coolest, Basic4Android:
If you already familiar with VB, you will feel like at home,
A great Code Editor, with Gui Editing (on the emulator screen).
The code Editor generate events for the controls (just like VB) and most of the functions you already know are also there...

The Main Code Editor

at the background Basic4Android will create a java code which in his turn will be compiled into a byte code.
Compile and install

supports alot of the functionality that you can expect, and update frequently.
some of the modules: ftp,zip,admob,wifi,camera,audio,bluetooth,gps,social,video,phone,sql and much more

a great forum with alot of examples and a great help viewer (i believe inspired from the good old msdn)
Design The GUI

downsides: Not Free (39$ - 2 month updates,99$ -  2 years updates ,299$ - Site License), Buy here

in favor: Stable, Flexible, almost the same as VB6, Buy Here

The geekest, Eclipse + ADT:

for those who want to write pure java code, there is the the option to do it with the most common java editor, eclipse.

first, follow the instructions at Android SDK Installation.
you now have the eclipse installed with the ADT plugin and it should look like:

and the output will look at your android device like:


1. Layout Editor : DroidDraw

2. VB4Android

Soon to come....

Outlook 2007: Edit your Messages HTML Source

A thing that can drive you crazy while using Outlook 2007 is the "Edit Source" feature missing.
If you are using outlook the way i do, you probably want your messages to be exactly as you think they should.

Please Read this:
if you are not familiar with VBA macro editing and this article is too much for you,
you can buy a ready made Outlook Addin that will give you this feature and much more, this Addin is only for Outlook 2010 (you might want to upgrade your outlook first..) you can find the addin here: Plimus Secure Web Site

Or Read more about it in this post

it will allow you to:

1. Edit new and received messages HTML Source
2. View new and received messages as plain text
3. View new  and received messages with your default browser
4. View new  and received messages with Word Editor
5. Add an exact copy of the message as word .doc or .rtf attached to it

HTML Editor For Outlook 2010
Edit HTML Source

A discount coupon is available for my blog readers, just send me an email and i'll reply it to you.

If you do want to try it yourself, Go ahead and continue:

In some cases (indeed special cases - but they exist) you want the ability to edit your HTML source of the message, so here is the way to do it:

first, Open your Outlook 2007 and launch the VB Editor (alt-F11)

open your Outlook VB Editor to add the HTML Edit Macro

Click the "Insert" Menu and select "Module" to add a new module,

add a module for the new HTML Edit Macro

And add the following code:

Sub EditHTML()
Dim mit As MailItem
Dim fname As String
Dim fcon As String
If Application.ActiveInspector.CurrentItem.Class <> olMail Then
MsgBox "The HTML Code cannot be edit for this item." & vbCrLf & "Only Mail Items are supported.", vbExclamation, "Edit HTML Error"
Exit Sub
End If
Set mit = Application.ActiveInspector.CurrentItem
fname = Environ$("temp") & "\temptxt.txt"
On Error Resume Next
Kill fname
Open fname For Binary As #1
Put #1, , mit.HTMLBody
Close #1
Shell "notepad.exe " & fname, vbMaximizedFocus
MsgBox "Click OK when Done and the saved HTML will be inserted to your message", vbOKOnly + vbInformation, "Edit HTML"
Open fname For Binary As #1
fcon = Space(LOF(1))
Get #1, , fcon
Close #1
mit.HTMLBody = fcon
End Sub

if you have problem with copy-paste issues, please download the zip file from the link below

Download the EditHTML Module

Close the VB Editor (And save)

Add the "Edit HTML" button to the New message window:
Open a new message,
Click The Ribbon Customization Button

Customize the new message ribbon

Select the "More Commands" Menu

Need to create Barcodes Cheaply? Try this software.

Instead of "Popular Commands" Select the "Macros"

Select The macros commands section

Select the new macro created named "Project1.EditHTML"

Select the EditHTML Macro

Click The "Add" Button, Customize the new button:

Customize the new button

and Click the "OK" button

Now, you have a new icon at the ribbon (for any new message windows)

The new EditHTML button - anchor icon

Just Click it while editing your message

How to use the new button

Now, your Notepad will pop with the HTML source of the message,
just change what ever you need and save the file (File menu-Save) and close the notepad.

you will see (after you close the notepad) that your outlook is waiting with a message box on it,

Click OK to finish the update

Just Click the OK button and the new HTML code you edit will be imported to your message.

That's it,
Hope you will like to use it,

waiting for your comments,


Outlook Plug-in - Add BCC Recipient Automatically

If one of the things you need when you (or someone else) is using Outlook is that every message will have a BCC recipient/s address added automatically, this Free Outlook Add-in is exactly for you.

The Add-in made out of a single DLL file (the plug-in) named "olkAutoBCC.dll".

Outlook AutoBCC Free Add-in

Just run the batch file included within the ZIP file, it will copy the DLL into your SYSTEM32 folder and will register it using regsvr32.exe.
(The location of the file is not important; you can change the path to whatever you like/need as long as you will register it using regsvr32.exe)

Close your Outlook
Run regsvr32.exe “olkAutoBCC-full-path” /u (for example:
c:\>regsvr32.exe c:\olkAutoBCC.dll)
In addition, delete "olkAutoBCC.dll" from your file system.

The Add-in will look for a file name "AutoBCC.txt" at your %USERPROFILE% folder (for example: "C:\Documents and Settings\Udi\AutoBCC.txt")
You should create the file (if the file is not exist - nothing will happened, the message will be delivered without the BCC)
Edit the file (Notepad or your favorite text editor) and write the addresses you want to BCC (each address in a line - support multiple BCC recipients)
Save the file and send a new message.

How can you verify that everything is ok?
Open the message you have just sent and check the BCC line, if you find all your recipients there you are good.

If you need a silent BCC (a BCC that does not appear at the message saved at the "sent items") you might want to look at this Outlook Add-in - Outlook Secure Copy (Invisible BCC)

Hope its help,

Security - Oracle Over Internet, Why it's not a smart thing to do...

You can Watch a video I've made about the issue:

Scan your SMTP Server to verify it is spammers bullet proof

Generally this is an example to a simple Brute force to an oracle server (that was made available over internet) of course it's only for demonstration and all the parties are local - virtual machines at my Lab

Hope you will like it,


Windows XP Transparency –no more minimize/restore/maximize!

If you want to handle multiple windows (any windows) and you are tired from minimizing them and restore again and again, you might like this small application that will let you enable transparency with windows XP.

Download it From Here

This is how it looks when you press the Windows Start Button (keyboard) + “z”:

windows xp transparency tool

It takes the windows at the front and when you change the scroll bar up & down you will get the transparency of that window changed.

windows xp transparency example screenshot

That’s it for now.

My Favorite Blackberry Themes

I've collected links for blackberry Themes (mostly blackberry themes for the bold 9000 device), and i wanted to share them with you,
hope you will find it useful,

iBerry Theme:
blackberry themes bold - iBerry Theme
Home Page
Install For Bold device (9000)
Install for Curve device (83xx)
If you like the iphone theme but must use a blackberry then iBerry is exactly for you…

Water Theme:

Download From Here
A video demonstration:

Chalk 2D Theme:
blackberry themes bold - Chalk 2D Theme
Home Page
Install For Bold device (9000)
Install for Curve device (83xx)
If you want, your blackberries can look like an old chalkboard…

Flamboyant Theme:
blackberry themes bold - Flamboyant Theme
Home Page
Install For Bold device (9000)
Install for Curve device (83xx)
Alternatively, it can look showy…


Pink Tourmaline Zen Theme:
blackberry themes bold - Pink Tourmaline Zen Theme
Home Page
Install for Curve device (83xx)
Pink for Her…

Neon Express Theme:
blackberry themes bold - Neon Express Theme
Home Page
Install for Curve device (83xx)
For those who like the Vegas feeling.

Deep2 Live Screen:
blackberry themes bold - Deep2 Theme
Install From Here
The Modern Style.

Fire Theme:
blackberry themes bold - Fire Theme
Download From Here
Always seat next to the fire – Great for the winter

Click here and you could receive a free Laptop.

Blue bubble Theme:
blackberry themes bold - bubble theme
Download From Here
Very calm theme – chilled.

WM Berry Theme:
blackberry themes bold - WM Theme
Download From Here
Strait forward

Go ahead and try them, simple installation - fancy results!