Outlook Plug-in - Add BCC Recipient Automatically

If one of the things you need when you (or someone else) is using Outlook is that every message will have a BCC recipient/s address added automatically, this Free Outlook Add-in is exactly for you.

The Add-in made out of a single DLL file (the plug-in) named "olkAutoBCC.dll".

Outlook AutoBCC Free Add-in

Just run the batch file included within the ZIP file, it will copy the DLL into your SYSTEM32 folder and will register it using regsvr32.exe.
(The location of the file is not important; you can change the path to whatever you like/need as long as you will register it using regsvr32.exe)

Close your Outlook
Run regsvr32.exe “olkAutoBCC-full-path” /u (for example:
c:\>regsvr32.exe c:\olkAutoBCC.dll)
In addition, delete "olkAutoBCC.dll" from your file system.

The Add-in will look for a file name "AutoBCC.txt" at your %USERPROFILE% folder (for example: "C:\Documents and Settings\Udi\AutoBCC.txt")
You should create the file (if the file is not exist - nothing will happened, the message will be delivered without the BCC)
Edit the file (Notepad or your favorite text editor) and write the addresses you want to BCC (each address in a line - support multiple BCC recipients)
Save the file and send a new message.

How can you verify that everything is ok?
Open the message you have just sent and check the BCC line, if you find all your recipients there you are good.

If you need a silent BCC (a BCC that does not appear at the message saved at the "sent items") you might want to look at this Outlook Add-in - Outlook Secure Copy (Invisible BCC)

Hope its help,

Security - Oracle Over Internet, Why it's not a smart thing to do...

You can Watch a video I've made about the issue:

Scan your SMTP Server to verify it is spammers bullet proof

Generally this is an example to a simple Brute force to an oracle server (that was made available over internet) of course it's only for demonstration and all the parties are local - virtual machines at my Lab

Hope you will like it,


Windows XP Transparency –no more minimize/restore/maximize!

If you want to handle multiple windows (any windows) and you are tired from minimizing them and restore again and again, you might like this small application that will let you enable transparency with windows XP.

Download it From Here

This is how it looks when you press the Windows Start Button (keyboard) + “z”:

windows xp transparency tool

It takes the windows at the front and when you change the scroll bar up & down you will get the transparency of that window changed.

windows xp transparency example screenshot

That’s it for now.

My Favorite Blackberry Themes

I've collected links for blackberry Themes (mostly blackberry themes for the bold 9000 device), and i wanted to share them with you,
hope you will find it useful,

iBerry Theme:
blackberry themes bold - iBerry Theme
Home Page
Install For Bold device (9000)
Install for Curve device (83xx)
If you like the iphone theme but must use a blackberry then iBerry is exactly for you…

Water Theme:

Download From Here
A video demonstration:

Chalk 2D Theme:
blackberry themes bold - Chalk 2D Theme
Home Page
Install For Bold device (9000)
Install for Curve device (83xx)
If you want, your blackberries can look like an old chalkboard…

Flamboyant Theme:
blackberry themes bold - Flamboyant Theme
Home Page
Install For Bold device (9000)
Install for Curve device (83xx)
Alternatively, it can look showy…


Pink Tourmaline Zen Theme:
blackberry themes bold - Pink Tourmaline Zen Theme
Home Page
Install for Curve device (83xx)
Pink for Her…

Neon Express Theme:
blackberry themes bold - Neon Express Theme
Home Page
Install for Curve device (83xx)
For those who like the Vegas feeling.

Deep2 Live Screen:
blackberry themes bold - Deep2 Theme
Install From Here
The Modern Style.

Fire Theme:
blackberry themes bold - Fire Theme
Download From Here
Always seat next to the fire – Great for the winter

Click here and you could receive a free Laptop.

Blue bubble Theme:
blackberry themes bold - bubble theme
Download From Here
Very calm theme – chilled.

WM Berry Theme:
blackberry themes bold - WM Theme
Download From Here
Strait forward

Go ahead and try them, simple installation - fancy results!

My Favorite Blackberry Applications, Part 1 (GPS)

In this post I’ll link to my favorite blackberry applications (Some free and some are not)
hope you will find it useful,

GPS Related:

Google Maps (and Google Latitude):
Blackberry GPS applications - Google Maps
Install From Here
Google Maps for blackberry is probably the most impressive application for GPS enabled devices (It will work also without GPS - location will be estimated using the cellular network) send the link to your Device for a clean installation (Google may prohibit the installation for certain areas).

Amaze GPS:
Blackberry GPS applications - Amaze GPS
Install From Here
Amaze GPS is the most world wide coverage navigation system, great for the states, Europe and the Far East

Garmin Mobile for US & Canada:
Blackberry GPS applications - Garmin Mobile
Buy From Hereicon
Download Trial From here

Car Finder:
Blackberry GPS applications - Car Finder
Install From Here
If you have memory issues where you cannot remember where did you parked your car, this might be a good solution for you.

Blackberry GPS applications - TopoExplorer
Download From Here
Topographic maps for your area.

Blackberry GPS applications - GPSLogger
Home Page
Install From Here
If you need to record your movement with your Blackberry device you can use this software.

YouCaddy GPS:
Blackberry GPS applications - YouCaddy
Download From Hereicon
If you are a Golf Pro, This one is for you.

Blackberry GPS applications - MGMaps
Install From Here
Displays maps from all known Map sources on Java J2ME-enabled mobile phones,
MGMaps will use internal GPS of your BB device and will automatically display the map for your current position.
You can pre-download maps and store them on your memory card for a later offline usage.

Blackberry GPS applications - BBTrips
Download From Hereicon
Record your trips and review them later with Google Earth.

That’s it for now, at the 2nd part of this post I’ll bring Themes, Games and accessories.
Hope you found something that worth it here,


Utility - SpokePad: Text Editor with power tools

I want to share with you one of the tools I've created,
Its name is “SpokePad".

It is a Text Editor (Very similar to Windows Notepad), with extra power tools attached.
First: its name - since I had the intention to create a text reader, I have started it with the name "SpokePad” (it does speak) though it can do much more than that.


1. Say the selected text. (require MS TTS engine)

2. Convert VBScript files into an EXE (VBS Compiler)

VBS Compiler - Convert VBS to an EXE

3. EXE Convert into a VBScript files (Experimental only)

4. EXE Convert into a HTML files (Experimental only)

5. EXE Convert into EML Files (Experimental only)

6. Convert Batch files (*.bat;*.cmd) into an EXE files (Great for login scripts - batch compiler)

BATCH compiler - convert BAT or CMD file to an EXE

7. Convert Any Open able file into an EXE file (TXT, BMP, JPG, HTM, DOC, XLS, PPT …..)
example usage: print only DOC file (command line argument "/print") - will create a doc that can only be printed without any editing ability. (just a quick thought - I'm sure you will find better ideas)

Any file compiler - convert any file to an EXE

8. Many text editing features (reverse, remove space, remove empty lines, preview html source)

US - Trend Micro

9. Encode and Decode Text to Base64 both ways (files or text)
10. Download web page details

web page properties sample view

Actually SpokePad is a part of a bigger software package I’ve created that will be post here at the near future (tons of features, mainly security and network related – need a lot of time for documentation, but I'm sure it will be a super success) called “NoBorder”, here is a quick pick into its GUI:

Noborder - soon will be public here, my pen test software

Hope you will like it,


BTW: if you have any other ideas for custom compilers, please don't hesitate and ask me for it - it will not be immediately but I promise I will try to do my best.

Outlook Plug-in - Message changes tracking

This article is intended for those of you who are using shared mailboxes for their users and need to share between those users any changes made to a message.
It is also useful for organizations that need to audit any change made to a message on its way.

This plug-in will give you the ability to see what changes was made by your colleague to the message at your shared mailbox or at the mail he just forward to you.

by changes I mean ANY change (include Read, Close, Remove/Add/Edit Recipient of any type -To/CC/BCC, Message body changes, subject changes, Internal Property changes)

This way you can know (ignoring unread/read) which colleague start handling it (and when).

First download the Archive with the plug-in dll, Outlook Module (VBA), Outlook Form (VBA) From Here.

Next, follow the installation process:

1. Extract the ZIP File into a folder at your local hard drive (“C:\OutlookTrack\” for example)
2. Drag the file olkTracking.dll to the regsvr32.exe shortcut.

Outlook Plugin Registration

Successful registration will look like this:

Successful Plugin registration
(Captured from Vista, XP look slightly different)

3. Launch Outlook and Click Alt-F11 in order to open the VBA Editor. Alternatively, use the “Tools” Menu -> “Macro” -> “Visual Basic Editor”

Outlook VBA Editor

4. Click The “File” Menu -> “Import File…”

Outlook VBA - Import Modules and Forms

5. Select the file “msgTrack.frm” and Click the “Open” Button.
6. Repeat the Import Action for the file “msgTrack.bas”.

Import The other file

The result should look like this:

The Editor with the module and the form

7. Open a message at your inbox and right click the area around the Office button:

Outlook - Customize Quick Access Toolbar

8. Select the “Customize Quick Access Toolbar…”

Bank online, email, chat - safely

9. Change the command source to “Macros” And select the new macro that just been added to your Outlook (our last import)

Continue Customization

Click the “Add >>” Button.

Select the relevant Macro

You can now customize the look of the new button:
Click the “Modify…” button, Select an icon that suites you.
(You can also change the Display Name, in case you want him to be visible)

Customize the assigned button for the macro

The result will look like this:
The button should look like this

Now just Click the new button in your message and Track it…
The Tracking Output

Please report Bugs and Suggestions.