My Favorite Blackberry Applications, Part 1 (GPS)

In this post I’ll link to my favorite blackberry applications (Some free and some are not)
hope you will find it useful,

GPS Related:

Google Maps (and Google Latitude):
Blackberry GPS applications - Google Maps
Install From Here
Google Maps for blackberry is probably the most impressive application for GPS enabled devices (It will work also without GPS - location will be estimated using the cellular network) send the link to your Device for a clean installation (Google may prohibit the installation for certain areas).

Amaze GPS:
Blackberry GPS applications - Amaze GPS
Install From Here
Amaze GPS is the most world wide coverage navigation system, great for the states, Europe and the Far East

Garmin Mobile for US & Canada:
Blackberry GPS applications - Garmin Mobile
Buy From Hereicon
Download Trial From here

Car Finder:
Blackberry GPS applications - Car Finder
Install From Here
If you have memory issues where you cannot remember where did you parked your car, this might be a good solution for you.

Blackberry GPS applications - TopoExplorer
Download From Here
Topographic maps for your area.

Blackberry GPS applications - GPSLogger
Home Page
Install From Here
If you need to record your movement with your Blackberry device you can use this software.

YouCaddy GPS:
Blackberry GPS applications - YouCaddy
Download From Hereicon
If you are a Golf Pro, This one is for you.

Blackberry GPS applications - MGMaps
Install From Here
Displays maps from all known Map sources on Java J2ME-enabled mobile phones,
MGMaps will use internal GPS of your BB device and will automatically display the map for your current position.
You can pre-download maps and store them on your memory card for a later offline usage.

Blackberry GPS applications - BBTrips
Download From Hereicon
Record your trips and review them later with Google Earth.

That’s it for now, at the 2nd part of this post I’ll bring Themes, Games and accessories.
Hope you found something that worth it here,


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  1. This is what I loved to blackberry, It has a gps application. It is very useful especially to travelers who always on the go, they can track locations they want to reach.