Security - Oracle Over Internet, Why it's not a smart thing to do...

You can Watch a video I've made about the issue:

Scan your SMTP Server to verify it is spammers bullet proof

Generally this is an example to a simple Brute force to an oracle server (that was made available over internet) of course it's only for demonstration and all the parties are local - virtual machines at my Lab

Hope you will like it,


Windows XP Transparency –no more minimize/restore/maximize!

If you want to handle multiple windows (any windows) and you are tired from minimizing them and restore again and again, you might like this small application that will let you enable transparency with windows XP.

Download it From Here

This is how it looks when you press the Windows Start Button (keyboard) + “z”:

windows xp transparency tool

It takes the windows at the front and when you change the scroll bar up & down you will get the transparency of that window changed.

windows xp transparency example screenshot

That’s it for now.