Outlook Plug-in - Add BCC Recipient Automatically

If one of the things you need when you (or someone else) is using Outlook is that every message will have a BCC recipient/s address added automatically, this Free Outlook Add-in is exactly for you.

The Add-in made out of a single DLL file (the plug-in) named "olkAutoBCC.dll".

Outlook AutoBCC Free Add-in

Just run the batch file included within the ZIP file, it will copy the DLL into your SYSTEM32 folder and will register it using regsvr32.exe.
(The location of the file is not important; you can change the path to whatever you like/need as long as you will register it using regsvr32.exe)

Close your Outlook
Run regsvr32.exe “olkAutoBCC-full-path” /u (for example:
c:\>regsvr32.exe c:\olkAutoBCC.dll)
In addition, delete "olkAutoBCC.dll" from your file system.

The Add-in will look for a file name "AutoBCC.txt" at your %USERPROFILE% folder (for example: "C:\Documents and Settings\Udi\AutoBCC.txt")
You should create the file (if the file is not exist - nothing will happened, the message will be delivered without the BCC)
Edit the file (Notepad or your favorite text editor) and write the addresses you want to BCC (each address in a line - support multiple BCC recipients)
Save the file and send a new message.

How can you verify that everything is ok?
Open the message you have just sent and check the BCC line, if you find all your recipients there you are good.

If you need a silent BCC (a BCC that does not appear at the message saved at the "sent items") you might want to look at this Outlook Add-in - Outlook Secure Copy (Invisible BCC)

Hope its help,