Android Dev for VB slackers

If you are reading this page then i can assume you are probably looking for the idle dev environment for your mobile needs.

This one will be about Android Development (as the title implies)

here are your starter options:

the easiest, AppInventor :
while searching for an easy way to create my first droid app, i've stumble this great idea, straight from Google.

it is made of 3 parts :
  • The Gui designer, simple web interface with all the objects needs to create a decent app.
    Design the GUI
  • The Blocks Editor, this is the part where "code is draw".

Edit you Logic
  • The Emulator

All you need to do is to design your logic, no syntax, no language..

downsides: Not so flexible, missing some functionality, output package with a very large file size.

in favor: No previous skills required, amazing learning curve, great for students.

The Coolest, Basic4Android:
If you already familiar with VB, you will feel like at home,
A great Code Editor, with Gui Editing (on the emulator screen).
The code Editor generate events for the controls (just like VB) and most of the functions you already know are also there...

The Main Code Editor

at the background Basic4Android will create a java code which in his turn will be compiled into a byte code.
Compile and install

supports alot of the functionality that you can expect, and update frequently.
some of the modules: ftp,zip,admob,wifi,camera,audio,bluetooth,gps,social,video,phone,sql and much more

a great forum with alot of examples and a great help viewer (i believe inspired from the good old msdn)
Design The GUI

downsides: Not Free (39$ - 2 month updates,99$ -  2 years updates ,299$ - Site License), Buy here

in favor: Stable, Flexible, almost the same as VB6, Buy Here

The geekest, Eclipse + ADT:

for those who want to write pure java code, there is the the option to do it with the most common java editor, eclipse.

first, follow the instructions at Android SDK Installation.
you now have the eclipse installed with the ADT plugin and it should look like:

and the output will look at your android device like:


1. Layout Editor : DroidDraw

2. VB4Android

Soon to come....