[Addin] HTML Source Editor For Outlook 2010

HTML Source Editor for Outlook 2010
HTML Source Editor for Outlook 2010 can be used to edit both new messages and received messages as well.

Create a new message and look for the "Edit HTML Source" Ribbon,
The Ribbon (Toolbar) looks like this:

To edit the html source of the message just click the "Edit HTML" button,
A new window will appear:

The HTML inside that window is the original source of your message.
Now you can change it to anything you want for example:

And to Set the Message source just click the "Set Source" Button.

The "Get Source" button should be used in case you want to return to the original message html before you set it to the new html code.
The "Save" Button allow you to save the html into a file.

More Features:
"View as Text":
Allow you to see the body (content) of the message in plane text, with no formats , useful when the data at the message should be moved into a 3rd application.

In case you want to see it using your default text editor (notepad for example), just select the "External Text Editor" at the setting panel and the text will be opened with your preferred editor.

"Add Word Version":
Will add an attachment (word 2003 .doc file) that contain the exact message, very useful to maintain the look of the original message (in case the Email Client at the other side will remove images or formats or maybe even links inside the message.

"Add RTF Version":
Will do exactly what "Add Word Version" do but with RTF format, for those who can't read Word documents.

"View in Browser":
Open the message with your default browser.
Enable you to know exactly how you recipients will see the message in their web client.

"View with Word":
Open the message in Word Editor.
Enable you to save it to a file.

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